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Have you ever noticed how many gifted musicians can be found on any subway station? Yes, modern metro stations in Canada are full of talents! You can meet dozens of individual performers and bands that entertain passers-by with original compositions and well-known hits. We are happy to present a unique program that features the Canadian metro’s top musicians.

What We Do

So, our team is working to ensure that dozens of talented creative people can express themselves and take part in the Subway Musicians program. This program will allow eighty-nine best musicians to receive a Subway musician license. A dozen top performers will be able to join a live concert on August 23. After winning the Subway Musicians program, the best participant will sign an official contract with Universal Music Canada.

Our Purpose

Why are we doing this? It's simple - we want to tell the world about hidden talents! You can't even imagine how many unique musicians can be found in the modern metro. These people share their creativity with strangers on a daily basis. Street musicians perform for free just to express their vision, thoughts, and dreams! Of course, we are inspired by such people, and that is why we are working really hard to support them.

Subway Musicians is a very promising project, and it is obviously very valuable not only for listeners but also for every participant. It is interesting for musicians to acquire new fans, and metro passengers have an exclusive opportunity to get acquainted with performers and have some positive emotions “on the run".

Feel the Drive to Get High Energy

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How We Work

We have already found the best musicians that perform live in the Canadian metro. One of them will receive the main prize - a real record contract with Universal Music Canada and a special place in the TTC tracks playlist. But how to choose a winner? We invite you to vote for the best musician. You can do it right here on our website (https://undergroundsounds.ca/).

Don't forget to take out your headphones on metro stations. You have a great chance to enjoy cool performances that can be heard here every day.

However, thanks to Tracks on Tracks, you can listen to your favorite subway songs anywhere and anytime. We update these playlists every week to help you find more and more talented musicians. There also is an exclusive Apple playlist that contains over 2 hours of songs carefully tuned to the pulse of Toronto. They are so good that you will almost regret that your trip to work is so short.

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